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The best indoor, endless alpine ski slopes for your business

Indoor Endless Activity Sports

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Alpine Ski Slopes

Ski mirror to watch yourself & for self correction, in real time

Over 60% of people are visual learners. That is, they learn by using their eyes and senses.

Our ski slopes are stationary so we recommend a full height gym-style mirror so that you can watch yourself and correct you own body position and posture in real time.

It is key to indoor learning.

Your instructor & coach is always next to you, and can help you in real time

On the open slope your instructor might watch you along with many others and give you feedback later.

On the indoor endless slope your instructor is constantly able to watch and coach you in real time.

They can easily jump on the slope to demonstrate to you.

The launch grab bar gives you balance, confidence and security

This is not like learning on an open slope where your skis can slide away and you can lose your balance.

The grab bar allows you to hold on whilst you get the feeling of the skis running over the surface, and your turning techniques. It allows fast, confident learning and skills development.

Comfortable, stress free ski area where you can always take a rest

Getting to and from mountain slopes can be tiring and daunting.

The indoor, endless slope is convenient to access and it’s stress free to get skiing. You can stop and rest at any time.

This stress-free environment is totally conducive to focusing on learning activities.

The gradient of the ski slope is always perfect

You’ll never be scared by arriving on a piste that is daunting and steep. Your slope gradient will always be perfect.

It’s important because it is so easy to lose confidence in the learning process.

You will never go too fast of too slow  

Our digitally controlled surface speed means that you will never ski too slowly, making it difficult to turn and stop; and on the other hand, you don’t have to worry about shooting off down a piste with an inevitable crash in the end.

The ski surface is always perfect, ho hazards, no ice, no slush patches

Our slope surface is designed for perfect gliding, sliding and turning conditions. Every inch is perfect.

That means you don’t need to worry about hazards such as rocks, slush, ice patches and obstacles.

Safe, confidence building, comfortable, and a private instructor as standard!

Having a private ski instructor on holiday is an incredible luxury.

You always have an instructor coach whilst skiing on the indoor endless slope with few, if any, other skiers with you.

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